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the data monetization market will reach $708B by 2025

Ownership & Governance

In the exponential growth of healthcare data lies opportunity for every participant - patients, physicians, researcher, healthcare facilities. 

Distributed ledger technology is uniquely poised to help

Built for healthcare

with healthcare expertise

Because we come from healthcare, we know how technological decisions get made in healthcare. Decentralized applications need a safe alternative in order to pass rigorous security assessments, especially in the enterprise. 

We needed a healthcare safe blockchain, so we created it and open sourced it for anyone to use. 

HIPAA Compatible

A public-permissioned network with known miners who run HIPAA compliant servers


Generates blocks faster than Ethereum 

And, the National Science Foundation is funding our continued work of improving scalability

SimplyVital Health NSF National Science Foundation

We are better together


Healthcare technology is already siloed, we want to fix the issue, not contribute to it

nexus is the underlying infrastructure of our networks. 

Starting simply with an audit trail, nexus transforms value networks into Data as an Asset networks. 

Main Net launching soon.